Its really a new day for our Books..

I can hardly believe it myself, but after three days of a promotion with Amazon for "Down from the Mountain" over 7300 people chose to download a copy of the Bandit book to their Kindles. 73 hundred new people will be reading about the wonderful Bandit, Jenny, Falen and Javier Coronado's lives in Montana. I still find it hard to believe. Yet there are all of our friends on Face Book who have commented about the book and their love for its characters. Thanks to each and every one of you. I will continue this marvelous story with the next book, "Falen Semper Fi". This one is a love story, and an adventure story and the story of a man's love for his dog and the dog's involvement with his master’s well being. From time to time as the story progresses, I will post about it under the link at the top of the page marked "Falen's Story". 

What makes all of this even more rewarding is the friendship this book has garnered for us with such outstanding Aussie Breeders, Judges, and Writers as Jeanne Joy Hartnagle Taylor, Anne Shope, Stephanie Shope McDaniel, Shelly Hollen-wood, and Judie Manuel. There are many others too numerous mention. 

All of the coming stories about dogs and the people they own..(lol) have as a central theme the ancient bond between Man, Dog, and God the creator. I have such deep respect for all animals, and my love of dogs is heightened each day I spend with my Falen and Rowdy. Falen, if you do not know, was one of the stars of the original Bandit book. I can't read the Bandit story without remembering my conversation with Anne Shope, when the great sire, Bandit, passed over the bridge. In a way all of the Bandit Books are a testament to his greatness and the love his family and those of us who share his progeny have for him.  

Another person who was deeply involved with these stories was Walt Manuel, Judie's beloved husband and our friend. Walt passed away last year after an exceedingly tough battle with cancer. Walt was a true American Cowboy and a rancher in the highest respect. It's my deepest belief that the spirit of the men and women who toil our great earth are the backbone of our nation. The famers and ranchers of America will always be foremost in the stories of the Bandit Project. 

This is true also of the men and women who serve our country in the military. Rick Gonzales, the hero of the new Falen stories is a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. As a wounded trooper, Rick baths in the love of Falen as she tries to meet his every need.

All in all this is going to be a meaningful series and I hope you will join us along the way. Email me if you have any additions or questions. I will be glad to answer each and every one. Blessings on you all and blessings on the Animals that serve us daily...