Take a Trip to the Big Sky of Montana Through the Eyes of "Man's Best Friend and Working Partner", the Working Stock Dog. What a wonderful read. This book touches your heart. It gives you insight into the beautiful Big Sky Country of Montana as well as the life of a sheep rancher and his friend and partner the working stock dog. There is drama, peace, tears and kindness all wrapped up in a touching story of a man, his livelihood, and his dogs.
~ Barb Moe (Montana)

A beautifully written story set in Montana on a sheep ranch about a sheepherder and his beautiful working Australian Shepherds. Once you start reading the book, you will not put it down. One of the best books I have read. MacKrell has done a superb job capturing the love,loyalty and heart of the Australian Shepherd.
~ Judie Manuel (Montana)

A great read. This is the type of book you just can't put down. Put a log on the fire and enjoy a journey into Big Sky Country, friendship, and a dog's special companionship. Highly recommended.
~ Mike Deciutiis (California)

James MacKrell serves up an ace! Jim has displayed his talents on the silver screen and on the tennis courts but has found a new career as novelist extraordinaire. Enjoyed every page of the book and have made a list of family and friends who will receive their copies for Christmas!
~ Stephen Schlacks (Texas)

Inside view of a working dog and man's best friend! This is a wonderful story about man's best friend as a companion and working partner. The setting of Montana in which it takes place brings out the best about this part of the country. I recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and has a place in his/her heart where animals live. I volunteer at St. Francis wolf sanctuary in Texas and have found many special animals to share my life with. My friend Jean Lefevre who runs the sanctuary is a testament to what one person can do to change the lives of so many lost and abused animals. Anyone who reads 'Down from the Mountain' will find a heartwarming experience.
~ Linda K. Ross (Texas)

This is a journey through places and times most of us can never see. The author presents an emotionally charged storyline in memorable ways that will surely win awards. I enjoyed this novel immensely, and I recommend it to all age groups.
~ Bud Connell (Arkansas)

James MacKrell accurately portrays the Australian Shepherd breed as a working partner, a guardian, and a best bud. From page one to the last page, you are captivated by his many characters from dogs to sheep to wolves to mankind, his scenary in the gorgeous Big Skye ranching country of Montana, and his action-packed story that never lets you down. This book would make a terrific movie. It is definitely a story for the entire family to enjoy.
~Ann Shope (New Mexico)