Remember Rodney King?

Do you remember Rodney King and the drama with the Los Angeles Police department. No one ever showed the entire video of his arrest, just the minutes where he was being subdued by the police, who in their anger crossed the line. I remember his famous quote, "Why can't we all just get along." That saying rings true today more than ever. No matter where you turn, or what subject you approach the division of divergent opinions seems totally out of whack. So many arguments are started because of mis information, bad research or a misguided passion. Don't we all have a tab at the top of our computer pages called google, yahoo or bing? It would be nice to use it before we post or pass along that "juicy" email that may be to other eyes than yours can be hurtful and in many cases just plain not true.
     Another rant from me concerns the folks who take it upon them selves to correct a wrong they know nothing what so ever about. Case in point was the misguided post on "Dog's Life" about the so called greedy and carless people who bred pure bred dogs for profit. I have strong feelings about this. While I have never been a breeder I have benefited by the science of canine improvement to the many dog breeds I've owned over the past 50 years. I have called on my many friends who are professional breeders and handlers, both in the show ring and the many ability trails. Together we hope to present a real life picture of their passion and dedication to the breeds they train, show and breed. I think you will find this interesting. thanks for your support in this blog.