"Dear Jeanne, what Joy you've brought us all.."

Haven't you heard it said, "This is everything known on the subject and that's that..."
       In the case of Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylors extensive book, "All about Aussies: The Australian Shepherd from A to Z" that statement is really true.
        Written by a lady who literally grew up with the breed and grew up with the foundation of popularity of this great dog and its followers,  Mrs. Hartnagle-Taylor pours not only her knowledge but love into each and every page of this important book. Pictures of the early days with her father and the early pictures of the formation of his dog into one of America's most popular canines to modern times and the growth of the Australian Shepherd.
         The scope of a book that is called " All about Aussies" must be just that, all about Aussies. In this case this beautifully bound book is not only a complete and thorough reference book, but a great keepsake that would look good on any coffee table or bookshelf.
         Cathy, Falen and I got the chance to meet and visit with Jeanne Joy at Terri Carver's ranch in Brenham, Texas. Terri was hosting a seminar for herding dogs that was being put on by Jeanne Joy. I marveled over how kind and patient she was with each handler, and how each and every dog seemed to respond to her direction and touch. They all knew that she knew and each of the shepherd dogs loved her confidence and encouragement. The smiles on the faces of both dogs and handlers abounded that day. That kind of love and understanding is poured into every page of this wonderful book.
     "The information in this book is vital to enjoying life with your Aussie."  Well said by John Everett of La Plata, Maryland. If you visit Amazon to see first hand what I am extolling, you will read other reviews of this book and its usefulness in your love affair with Aussies.
       Everything that my dear friends, Anne Shope, Stephanie Shope McDaniel, Judie Manuel, Barbara Moe and Shelly Hollen-Wood told me about Jeanne Joy was true. And as we like to say in Louisiana, lagniappe.