Let's hear it for the Dogs......

I am certainly learning a lot about the relationship between humans and dogs since I've started the research and writing of the new book, " Falen: Semper Fi".
        The cooperation that I've been accorded in research and interest is not only helpful but extremely interesting. Most of you know that one of the characters in the Bandit Project's first novel, "Down from the Mountain" is the little girl Aussie Falen. Just like there was a real Bandit there is a real Falen. Thanks to my dear friend Judie Manuel we have a red headed girl that lives and takes care of the MacKrell family daily. Amsted's Falen, granddaughter to the great Bandit is four years old now and is sitting at her usual place under my desk when I am writing. I pattern the novel character after all of the sweet, devilish, funny and serious behaviors she share's with us daily. We are learning daily to understand her Dog Talk and we are getting better at it day by day.  In both books you will find that the animals have a strong trust and faith in "The Spirit of the Day and Night". I only wish I was as faithful to my faith as they are. Each of the Aussies in the books, depends on the Spirit of the Day and Night each moment in the day awake or asleep. Its through this trust in the creator that I have found the vast amount of cooperation with the human's in their lives for the betterment of both.
       The main character in this new book is Rick Gonzales, a Cpl. in the United States Marine Corp. and a hero to his family and friends in Big Timber Montana. Rick left his right leg in Fallujah Iraq during a routine patrol. He will never be the same. In many ways he will be better thanks to the great advances being made medically and psychologically by the men and women of the Veteran's Administration and great work by groups like " The Center for the Intrepid". I can't tell you how much I've learned and how amazed I am at what is being done for our wounded warriors. All of us at the Bandit Project are thrilled to be able to assist the Center for the Intrepid financially as well as spiritually. Please take the time to look up "The Center for the Intrepid." www.fallenheroesfund.org/About-IFHF/Fund-History/The-Center-for-the-Intrepid.aspx if you can. I have much more to say about this great organization and how they are helping the Rick's in our lives retain and full and useful life.
Now I have to get back to writing. Don't tell anyone but Sergio, Ricks father has equipped the ATV so that Rick and Falen can go along on the cattle drive to summer mountains pastures....see you soon.