Here's to the Wounded Warriors

I am extremely proud to announce that thanks to the folks at The Center for the Intrepid assisting our service men and women with loss of limbs, burns and blindness we've secured the cooperation of the famous Brooks Army Hospital in San Antonio. Brooks, as it is referred to is the premier medical facility for veterans and service personal. They along with the men and women of the Center for the Intrepid have read the first several chapters of Falen:Semper Fi and have agreed to help in its production anyway they can. This will enable the Bandit Project to reach out in a very special way to assist in the fund raising that is so desperately needed. I will be calling the Office of the Army tomorrow to establish our contact and perimeters in bring this story of Rick and Falen to life.
        As I said in a previous post Dogs are becoming more and more utilized in the recovery of vets suffering with PTSD and also as service dogs assisting the amputees. Have you seen the Wounded Warriors Soft Ball team. If not, please google it and see for your self how courageous these young people are and how well they adjust to life. They are able to do that because of the herculean efforts of the men and women of the services and the VA hospitals and rehab centers all over the world.
         I had no idea that night several years ago when I first spoke with Judie Manuel about the idea of Down from the Mountain. To Judie I have to say...we've come a long way lady and it couldn't have been done without you and your contacts and friends in the wonderful world of Australian Shepherds. As I used to say in radio, stay tuned, the best is yet to come.