Tips to Efficiently and Effectively Clean Your Bathroom Fast 

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Similar to most of us, perhaps the bathroom is the least part of the house that we hate cleaning. Removing all types of accumulated dirt and substances in our bathroom’s surfaces, toilets, bathtubs, and showers take both elbow grease and time. If you want to clean your bathroom efficiently and effectively, you can try the following steps below: 


Mop the floor 

Dip your mop into your cleaning solution, squeeze out the extra water, then clean your bathroom floor. As soon as it’s dry, try to change the trashcan and your newly washed rugs.  

Clean the toilet 

If you regularly scrub the inside part of your toilet, then using an all-purpose cleaner should be enough. Sprinkle or spray a toilet-specific cleaner when buildup takes place, then use a toilet brush to scrub it before you flush it. Then, use an all-purpose cleaner and spray your toilet’s exterior, then use a clean cloth to wipe it clean. If ever you’ve observed any unusual leaking or issue with your toilet, make sure to contact the professional Rockdale plumbers right away to get it checked and repaired if necessary to prevent any issue from getting worse.  

Combine cleaning solution for floor 

Combine the right amount of all-purpose cleaner with one bucket filled with warm water.  

Deal with other surfaces 

You also have to spray an all-purpose cleaner onto your cleaning tool (i.e. sponge, microfiber cloth, etc.) and wipe down any windowsills, shelves, blinds, doors, and towel racks. Work on parts and start from the top, make your way to the bottom, and then right to left (or vice versa). 

Use a cleaner to your bathtub and shower 

If you are regularly clean, use an all-purpose cleaner. But when you’ve got an extreme accumulation of contaminants on your shower, it would be best to use an acid-based cleaner. Never forget to include cleaning the inside of the shower door and the shower track. Allow it to soak.  

Sweep and dust 

Take a long-handled duster with you to remove the cobwebs any cobwebs or dust in vents, on light fixtures, and in corners. If you cannot reach the cobwebs still, get a ladder for you to climb and easily reach it. Then, vacuum or sweep the floors to pick up other debris and hair that may have buildup on the floors. 

Eliminate all things from their usual spot 

To obtain the best outcomes, practice doing this step for your while bathroom as you keep on cleaning it. Take out all of your products from the bathtub and/or shower. Toss all the used rugs and towels out of your room. You may also move any belongings you have from the counters out of your bathroom. Moreover, do not forget to take any trash cans. 

These are some simple tips that you can do whenever you try cleaning your bathroom. If you follow these tips, you’ll be surprised how efficient you will be in this chore. You may even love cleaning your bathroom from now on.  


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