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Does a Carpet Get Dirty Faster After Cleaned?

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A lot of property owners are curious about the layer of new dirt or stains that appear on the carpets that were deeply cleaned recently. Due to many reasons, carpets can appear dirty faster after they are cleaned. Such carpet cleaning problems will be discussed below. Hence, keep on reading to know them more: 


Failure to properly rinse the carpet 

At times, there are carpet cleaners who don’t thoroughly rinse the carpet for the sake of quickly cleaning them. The carpet’s sticky and residual substances can attract dust and dirt a lot faster than before, which makes your carpet appear dingy after cleaning it a few days before. To prevent this from happening, it would be best if you consider hiring expert and certified carpet cleaners near you. This way, you can guarantee that your carpet is in good hands and that you won’t experience such a thing happening to your carpet flooring.  

Applying cleaning solution while steam cleaning carpet 

The carpet surface’s oil residues can’t be eliminated by just using particular detergents. These oily spot stains can be eliminated by applying a cleaning solution. However, the oil’s stickiness still lingers on the carpet, which can begin to attract dirt and soil soon after cleaning it. Now, while steal cleaning your carpet, you have to utilize the right detergent that can help these oily spots to be effectively cleaned.  

Prevent vacuuming before doing carpet steam cleaning 

Before you do steam cleaning on your carpet, it’s essential to vacuum it to eliminate loose particles in it. Such loose particles can come up to the carpet’s surface after they’re not thoroughly eliminated from it.  

Employing an untrained carpet cleaning contractor 

The carpet cleaning services’ quality may differ from one service provider to another. While employing an expert carpet cleaning service, you need to carefully make sure that they are using the right cleaning equipment, methods, carpet solutions and products. 

Other service providers may utilize substandard methods, equipment, and solutions as well as untrained technicians to save more bucks. Once you consider hiring an untrained carpet cleaner, remember that it can boost the risk of damaging your carpet as the remaining water and soap in them will attract more dirt and debris, which makes them appear dirty right after they are cleaned. 

Clean carpet on your own 

A lot of property owners buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine to clean their carpets on their own to minimize the costs of having their carpets deep-cleaned. During this procedure, most of them utilize too much water and cleaning solution to thoroughly eliminate the cleaning solution from it.  

It can be because they’re inexperienced in this field. Together with the property owner’s fault, such carpets appear filthy right after cleaning them since the store-bought or rented machines cannot suck the water and soap completely from the carpets. If you want to effectively clean your carpets, make sure to let the certified Seattle carpet cleaning experts do it for you.  


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