Falen's Story

Falen has her own story in the works...and we're going to share a sneak peak with you!  Remember, it's a work in progress so be sure to share your opinions, ideas, and suggestions with me.

We're also going to release this book in parts on Amazon Kindle.  You'll be able to follow Falen's story in progression, and once completed, you'll be able to purchase the book in print.

Falen: Semper Fi is a courageous story about a Wounded Warrior and his Australian Shepherd Falen. The bond between Marine and dog grow as he reenters his life at home having left his right leg in Iraq. The road to being able to stand on his own two feet is long and painful. Aided by his dog and his high school girl friend Susan,  Rick Gonzales fights every step of the way to regain his self esteem and face the future.